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01 September 2007 @ 12:00 am
The Umbrella Corporation has had a frightening, twisted love affair with their precious, million-dollar, malfunctioning biohazard: the T-Virus. A daring product from years of intense stem cell and T-cell research, the virus was originally made to imitate the functions of a biological catalyst, revitalizing and renewing dead cells, altering their chemistry to make their reproduction faster and more efficient. In such a way, those at Umbrella had hoped to reverse the affects of sun, age, and stress, building the ultimate age and disease fighting agent.

A harmless act of charity on their part, really.

It was mass advertised as a beauty product at first but quickly and quietly put off the market for reasons the FDA refused to announce. Something, they mentioned, to do with uncontrollable – dangerous – side effects.

After the explosion of the incident in Raccoon City that was to be their downfall, the remaining Umbrella researchers were horrified (for several reasons but mainly this:) to find that all of their samples were thus gone - either used up, or taken but certainly not where they left it any more. Now, in Ukraine, they have rebooted old files, redesigned diagrams, and in their intent search for answers, have managed to extract the older form of the virus they had injected into willing volunteers four years ago (At least, those who were still alive).

The result was a mutated, but completely new form of the T-virus. There is currently little information as to what it does or how it operates just yet.
29 August 2007 @ 06:02 pm
"It's interesting - I used to have this professor at Oxford, okay? Doctor Wickham, his name was and...he taught bio-molecular kinetics and cellular dynamics. And he used to sort of scare the underclassmen with this story about how the world would eventually be eviscerated by technology. You see, it was inevitable that a compound would be created which he referred to as the 'Anti-God'. It was like an accelerated mutator or sort of, you know, like a, an unstoppable force of destructive power, that would just lay waste to everything - to buildings and parks and streets and children and ice cream parlors, you know? So whenever I see, like, a rogue organization willing to spend this amount of money on a mystery tech, I always assume... it's the Anti-God. End-of-the-world kinda stuff, you know... But no, I don't have any idea what it is. I was just speculating."
-Simon Pegg

29 August 2007 @ 01:27 pm
There are four communities:

1. mementomorirpg
2. mementomoriooc
3. mementomorimods
4. mementomorimsg

You should join the first two, most importantly after you have received your email of approval., and probably should watch the third as important notices may occasionally appear there as well as general information lest you need a reminder. The last one is a message board for posting of (mostly) graphics. You'll see what we mean; click to visit it.

This RP is played in a round-robin way on the community, and players are expected to have some knowledge of what this is. For example, Player A starts off with a post with their character in a scene. Other players who wish to join in the scene will continue the role play in the 'comments'. Players do not need to make a new journal for their character, they can post with their own journal and will indicate in the 'Subject' title: "Where the scene takes place": "Name of Character(s) involved" (example - (OPEN) Outside near the river: Henry Ghersinich and Ellis Beckett). Please indicate if the post is opened to all or closed to certain characters as shown above.

(1) No real-life drama: See, life has this really annoying habit of sticking its nose everywhere it shouldn’t be. Try your best to keep it out of the game play and if there is a problem that you have with another player, please take it up to the mods.

(2) Serious and dedicated writers only: As much as we’re appreciative of younglings, a good RP simply can’t survive only trashy writing. We wish that if you join, you are fairly decent in producing (not perfect, but at least) quality work.

(3) No god-moding: Don’t control someone else’s character unless you have gotten permission.

(4) Slash and Het allowed: This RP is pretty open minded, and there is also no restriction on content ratings, however if anything gets a little too explicit, please put up a proper warning and place the post behind a cut.

(5) One post every week: One week equals 7 (seven) days. This is essential to keep the RP alive. You’ll get one email warning for every week you go MIA. Three strikes and you’re out. However, if anything happens that prevents you for posting, please send an email to the mods at memento.mori@gmail.com and we will be happy to give you a small break per your request.

(6) Plotting: P-plot? What plot? There you go, with that said, there is no such thing as messing up the plot (almost). The mods can only present to you a prompt - it is up to the players to drive the story home and alternate it to their fancy. That is the way an RP becomes fun and works out. If you DO have a question perhaps regarding some major change in the plot that you don't feel comfortable with, or if you just have ANYTHING you wish to discuss or ask, please contact a mod. Mods are here to help you out, we are not godly figures (although the thought is nice), we are just people like you so relax.

This RP is based on original characters, even though we are technically playing within the boundaries of the RE-Biohazard world. You may apply for a canon character, however, if you would like. If you do, you might have to view this storyline as an AU one. For more information, view the FAQ.
29 August 2007 @ 12:07 am
Congratulations, you’re still alive. Chances are you’ve survived the onslaught brought about by the T-virus anywhere around the world where it has occurred or you’ve witnessed the slaughter of Raccoon City and lived to tell about it. But of course, it didn’t feel nearly as much like winning the lotto as you had thought. Welcome to sleepless nights, ghoulish nightmares, and hallucinations that may drive you just as mad as if you had been infected in the first place. Many of the remaining S.T.A.R.S. and other police and governmental control officers as well as those who comprise of the Anti-Umbrella Task Force fall easily into the ranks of your best buddies and most indispensable allies. In fact, you may be one of them. In this case, you are completely normal and have no physical kaput to speak of. You are justice and duty-bound and you march to your morals like nobody’s business. But then again, you may also just be one among the mass of younger men and women who have been experimented on as liable carriers of the T-Virus in the past, or in other words, those who, when exposed, are not susceptible to the virus’ mutating ability. Supposedly. But don’t celebrate just yet. Your “human test tube” disposition causes you to be hunted relentlessly by the Umbrella Corporation which sees you as mighty tasty specimens and the keys to unlocking the T-Virus’ full potential. But of course you won’t come in quietly. No matter who you are, the name Henry Ghersinich rolls off your tongue with ease. He is the cutout and anybody who’s got enough sense knows to go find him when things get rough (either for help or to lay the blame). Communication between you and your party members is a bit more difficult as you don’t always have access to the best supplies. Typewriters, hand-written letters, walkie-talkies, and the occasional phone prove useful enough in tight situations. Your party is usually a bit more disorganized and scattered as your lack of trust in your surroundings force your deep rooted skepticism to rear its ugly head. You specialize in the use of guns, knives, and hand-to-hand combat. Almost anything can become a weapon at your disposal. Your entire being is wired towards battle royale survival tactics. Besides, you’ve only said you didn’t want any trouble; you never said you couldn’t dish it out.

Before the quarantine of Raccoon City, many of the lead scientists and researchers who worked in the Corporation Headquarters located there were ordered to be carted out of the area to relative safety and to ultimately, continue their research. You are probably one of these people. Money-smart and with a determination that shouldn’t be meddled with, you are aided by the very best technological advancements of your time. Your circle includes the best of the best in international relations, scientific research, and the most vicious business sharks on the street. Your major mediums of contact include cell phones, text messaging, and emails. You may be one of the several of those who have tried to settle and spread the seeds of their studies but were eventually uprooted by the AUTF and eventually fled and gathered here in the relatively small but considerably active Umbrella stronghold in Kiev, Ukraine (which had never been paid much attention to until now). You have come to respect Stiva Shcherbatskaya, a leading scientist in the field who co-founded the Ukrainian UCORP branch. Or you hate him and want him dethroned. Propaganda may be your middle name, or perhaps revolution is instead. You have a huge world view; you have no problem seeing the big picture. Perhaps you believe there was nothing wrong with what you were discretely doing against the public eye or perhaps you were one of those who considered yourself having a conscience and firmly believed that all Umbrella needed was a little maker-over before the stocks started rising in your favor again. Whatever the situation, you seek to revive the Umbrella Corporation and restore it to its former glory. A major plus? You may just have access to some of the only authentic T-Virus Antibodies on the planet. Your motto? "Our Business is Life Itself".

You have suffered. You’ve spent most of your life so far wondering why the heavens dealt you the short end of the stick. Not entirely human but not yet completely mutilated by the outdated virus, you are not happy. Perhaps you want to find a cure; perhaps you want to utilize your powers for your own ends. Either way, you are a malfunctioning, million dollar, governmentally propertied killing machine. Gifted with unimaginable strength and durability, you are no pushover. Due to your corrupted blood you have some sort of physical and/or mental dysfunction that is distinct to yourself and that may go completely unnoticed by the untrained eye (and if you're careful, which you are, always). You have seen the results of mankind’s greed and you hate and have been hated and all is not freaking well. You have lived and thrived with death for years and nothing it does can frighten you much anymore. You are a ticking time bomb - you'll do all you can not to end up like some of your comrades who have allowed the virus to completely eat through their minds, rendering them zombie-like and useless. While you've still got part of your humanity intact, you will keep fighting. Your top dog is a man named Ellis Beckett though that’s as close as you’ll probably ever get to seeing him in person. The rest of your brethren locate themselves deep beneath the streets of Kiev in an underground locale connected by pipes and tunnels affectionately called "The Hive" after the former underground research laboratory of the Umbrella Corporation where your curse was originally bred. Your inventory is rather lacking and you get what you need by looting off of the other groups with clever pickpocketing and piracy. Victimizing the humans are the easiest but you may also be one of those braver and more reckless men or women who scout about the Umbrella Headquarters. Then again, unlike most people, you can do without the help of weapons - your own body usually proves to be dangerous and harm-inducing enough. You blend in perfectly with the day-to-day crowd: you speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil – you are the goddamn evil.

Caduceus had its roots in Glasgow, England, in the 1880s though currently its stronghold is located in Western Russia with its mass of Balkan divisions spread across Romania, Ukraine, and Poland. Very small facilities have also been reported arising in the countries of Moldova and Belarus (though word has it they are too tiny in comparison with the other main branches previously mentioned). In total, Caduceus has three major (note worthy) Branches (that are actually known): Caduceus USA, Caduceus Europa (also known as Caduceus Alpha One, Glasgow, the first known establishment), and a still developing Caduceus Eurasia. Of these branches, there are several divisions. Here, in the Balkan area, there are a total of the five strongest divisions: Caduceus Beta One, Moscow, Caduceus Two, Yalta, Caduceus Three, Odessa, and Caduceus Four, Bacau. In general, the Institute has been known to work closely with universities and colleges, providing funds, internships, and career opportunities as well as being a rather great supplier of professors and other educators. As a worker here, you may be one of these people. You may have come from all across the Isles, or Western Europe, or maybe even the States. You most likely have some experience in the doctoring or political spectrum as well. You work in one division at a time with a choice of three: Caduceus One, Moscow; Caduceus Two, Yalta; Caduceus Three, Odessa. (The fourth division, Caduceus Four, Bacau is not at current, well...present, really and so it is not currently offering employment being that it is not exactly...there. But that's another story for another time. Perhaps you should think about asking your supervisor Justin Baruch about that, someday?). Caduceus, mainly advertising itself as a medical research institution, worked covertly with Scotland Yard and other leading government officials within the British Empire during the first Raccoon City outbreak though the details of their actions and plans are not clear. In the same time period, it has been known that Caduceus and Umbrella shook a deal of alliance and have been known as sister companies from there on out (despite a near to century long tension between the respective Board of Directors). Their motto "Meliora", Latin for "Ever Better", coupled with their variation on the age old Greek symbol is a common sight on their employees' uniquely fetching uniforms. They also house one of the best forensic science departments in the country.
28 August 2007 @ 11:46 am

Q: OH GOD I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RE-BIOHAZARD (aka: Do I have to be well-versed in the RE-Biohazard fandom to be able to play?)
A: Relax. And the answer is no, not at all. If you’ve read what’s been written in the community profile as well as in the main moderator’s journal, you’ll be 100% set. This game is technically an original RP just set in Capcom’s survival-horror game world. The great thing is this is set in a completely different place with original characters so it would make perfect sense if your character (or you) didn’t have inkling as to what was going on. It may help to read up on what exactly RE-Biohazard is if you would like, but whether you are the walking wikipedia of RE-Biohazard terminology or somebody who has never touched a gaming council in your life, you’ll still be able to play the game with the same amount of enjoyment and lack of hindrance. However, if you are applying for a canon character (say, Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield) then yes, I suppose knowing your character’s place in the fandom would be somewhat required.

Q: Is there an age restriction for joining?
A: We’d prefer if you were at least 18 years old (As the games themselves are rated M) since there may be some topics or events or language that may be unsuitable for anyone younger than that. However, if you have no objections to anything this game may shove your way, than by all means apply. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Q: Can I reserve a character and/or PB?
A: Certainly. Just drop us a line here with the specifics. Reserves last for 2 weeks.

Q: Those notes that Henry, Stiva, and Ellis put up as well as Henry's Journal entries are pretty cool. How do you do that?
A: Thank you. I use some simple photoshop techniques (like lots of layers and some coloring and cropping) to create the needed effects. Some of the handwriting fonts are done by myself and some are up around the web for download. I grab also a lot of templates and help from istock photography.

Q: I want to do something like the notes that Henry/the NPCs post for my own character. But what if I don't have photoshop or the needed materials?
A: I'm positively certain there are several people out on LJ who are willing to help you out. However, if you truly have no liable assets, I will be glad to give you a hand. Those things are never too hard to do anyway. You would email me what you want written in exactly the same format you want to see appear in the graphic as well as note any sort of special effects you'd like (like blood splatter or burn marks or paper clips) and I will try my best to accommodate you.

Q: Can the graphically designed notes/papers/etc. substitute written RPing?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT. If that were the case, the RP would wither much too quickly. Notes like that should be used sparingly and usually only at the junction of arch/storyline switches and as prompts (which is what the NPCs really use them for anyway). As you can tell, most of the notes are accompanied by a great amount of written role play. Things like that are just some of the ornaments that make MEMENTO MORI unique. They are not to be used as cheats for lazy people.

Q: Someone already reserved a Character/PB that I wanted to apply for! What do I do? Can I still apply for that character?
A: You can try. However, keep in mind that those who placed a reservation first, will have their application considered and read first, as that is only polite. We will already read yours and compare them before making a decision. So you may actually get lucky!

Q: RE-Biohazard is mainly a first person shooting game with few regards to characters and storyline. Is the RP going to be like that?
A: N...no. Because that would frankly make everybody fall asleep faster than you can say, "OH HELL I THINK I HEAR A CHAINSAW". This is slightly different. Again, MEMENTO MORI is basically “borrowing” the storyline presented in RE-Biohazard and up and wrecking more havoc with it. Will there be lots of guns? Yes. Fighting? Yes. But this game focuses a lot more on the characters themselves and their relationships and any other sub-plots that may appear (of which there will be many). And such things may or may not even have anything to do with the zombie issue. Think of this as: “what if RE-Biohazard had been a TV or book series?”

Q: Where does MEMENTO MORI take place on the RE-Biohazard game timeline?
A:I don't think I was even aware that RE-B had any sort of coherent timeline to speak of. Sometime a little after Leon's escapade in RE-Biohazard 4 but before Chris Redfield's premiere in RE-Biohazard 5. As for the movies...I'd say sometime in between 1 and 2.

Q: Can I make (such-and-such) fanwork from this game?
A:Please do! And post them in the OOC community. We will love you forever. ♥

Q: (Such and such person) is picking a fight with me and/or their character is irritating me. What do I do?
A: Oh, drama. If something like that happens, breathe deeply and send the moderators an email at memento.mori@gmail.com. Don't battle it out on the community because frankly that's just immature and only leaves a lot of trash for everybody else to clean up. Plus, roleplaying and communities are places where people should be trying to make friends so at least try to produce some sort of example of civility. You'll be scaring potential RPers away.

Q: What does "MEMENTO MORI" mean, anyway?
A: It's a Latin phrase that, when freely translated means "Remember you are mortal" and/or "Remember you will die". Wikipedia seems to have an awful lot to say about it too. We think it's witty.

A: Fantastic. We like you very much too. :)

Q: Why are there occasional spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? And why do you sometimes forget to use capital letters?
A: To bring Henry pain.


Q: Can my character have some relationship with one of the NPCs? Say, they knew (such and such NPC) beforehand, etc.
A: Of course! That's totally allowed. HOWEVER, just make sure to ask us about it (meaning, the specifics of the relationship) before submitting your application. We don't want things to get too out of hand but yes, even NPCs need friends.

Q: I have a question regarding my character's sexual orientation...
A: This game is pretty open to just about anything. Also while we're on this topic, although more...let's say, hardcore romantic scenes are not entirely discouraged, we would like to remind you that that should not (And will not) be the focus of the game at all. If you feel it is entirely necessary, as it applies to the situation at hand or is somehow needed to further define your character through this...then we give you permission.

Q: Can my character like (romantically) one of the NPCs?
A: Of course! How they'll interact and respond however, can't be guaranteed (but it would certainly add to the flavor of the game).


Q: How will the RP work? On the community or on instant messenger, etc.?
A: The Roleplaying will work out only on the main community mementomorirpg. It will be in a round-robin style as illustrated here. Instant messenger can be used to contact other players and start chatrooms and conference ideas. There will be no posting of logs here.

Q: Something's happening in Real Life and I need to take a hiatus from the game for a while. What should I do with my character?
A: Be creative. Maybe he/she'll go MIA on a mission. Maybe he/she'll get injured and unable to do anything for as long as you're gone. Just leave a post (whether or not it's open to replies is up to you) or in this case (and this case only) you may substitute in a short note. Just don't leave your character in the middle of action or else we might be forced to do exercise god-modding for the sake of everyone else.

Q: Remember what was happening in Real Life before? Well, it got worse. I think I need to quit the game. What will happen to my character?
A: We're very sorry to hear that. However, what happens to you character is up to you. Perhaps he/she truly did go missing and was never found. Perhaps he/she succumbed to the virus and became a monster. Perhaps he/she died. Be creative. If you don't want that to happen, the alternative is to give your character up for adoption for another player to play. It's up to you.
28 August 2007 @ 11:39 am
Please fill out the following application and email it to: memento.mori@gmail.com. Once you are accepted, you will receive a reply from one of the moderators. Apologies but we will admit this now: we are very picky. For the sake of the game being an exceptionally good one, we wish to select the betters of the group. So we ask that please don’t feel offended if we do not select you. Currently you are allowed two - three characters each.

Name: [If you don’t feel comfortable giving your real name, just give an alias.]
LJ: [Your Livejournal username]
Age: [Although we prefer those older than 17, don’t worry, this won’t be used against you. It doesn’t even really matter (especially if you’re an exceptional writer). We just like to get an idea of who we’re RPing with]
Email: [Your email, just incase someone needs to contact you. Or to wish you a happy birthday or something or other. ]
SN: [Your screen name, preferably AIM, just for contact reasons]

Name: [The full name of your character]
Age: [How old your character is]
Gender: [Self-explanatory]
Birthday: [Completely irrelevant actually. Who knows – maybe when the day comes around, your gang members can throw you a party or something. That would be fun to read.]
Preferred PB: [Please post or link an image of whomever it is that will act as an image and avatar for your character in the game].
Occupation: [What your character does for a living (Student is a valid answer). If none, state so.]
Appearance: [What your character looks like.]
Personality: [Your character’s attitudes, outlooks, etc. At very least one paragraph; feel free to make this as long as you want.]
History: [Your character’s past as long as some regular biographical information. Also, if you already have an idea, please indicate how your character is involved with the feud. Remember, because this character is your own original creation, nobody knows anything about them except you! So make sure not to leave anything important out. At the very least, two paragraphs; feel free to make this as long as you want]
Abilities/Weapons: [If you are one of the LUCKY SURVIVORS, then list the weapons your character is most proficient at using and/or those he/she always has on their person. Be slightly realistic as obviously a younger man like Henry wouldn't be carrying a rocket launcher around his shoulder all the time although he may be able to use it.]
Alliance: [Is your character an Umbrella employee? A police officer? One of the Others? Please elaborate: was it by choice? Were they forced? Did they just like a certain aspect of that gang? Where are they in the hierarchy?]
Extra: [Anything else you wish to say that the rest of the application did not cover: favorite foods, weird quirks, defining characteristics, pet peeves, etc.]

["THE OTHERS" ONLY]: Physical/Mental Defect: [Say perhaps, one eye is blind or a particular scar or you have a skin problem or you have "glassbones" (your bones are easily broken) etc. be creative. Make sure it says something about your character.]

[Try to make this application as good as you can since this will double as an example of your writing ability. If you feel the need to send us a sample of your roleplaying in other RPs in addition, please do so for it can’t hurt you. However, it is not a requirement that you do]